Self Portrait – Vivian Maier

This series by Vivian Maier is my favourite of the Self-Portrait series I have researched so far.

Self-Portrait 1954
Self-Portrait 1954
Self-Portrait 1955
Self-Portrait 1955
Self-Portrait 1957
Self-Portrait 1959

The negative and positive lighting originally captured my attention. But what made me look further into this series, was the fact that the actual intention of the series is unknown. As in, the narrative could be about her state of mind and how she sees herself, or it could simply be that she liked to photograph herself in random mirrors and reflections.

Today I had a class on photography, in relation to Self-Portrait & I found that it was hard to capture your own Self-Portrait whilst being behind the camera. Vivian Maier however, was successful in doing so.

The ‘Self-Portrait 1954’ is my favourite piece of this series. I like that it looks photo-shopped (combing multiple photos), even though such programs hadn’t yet been invented. I’m interested to know what processes she did use & will probably incoporate similar techniques into my own work

Maier. V. (2014). Self-Portraits. Retrieved from


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