Who are we without influence ?

Subjectivity continued..

All I can take from ‘subjectivity’ it is that we are products of our environments. We are influenced by all of our surroundings without even realising it!

This short film directed by Francois Alaux, Herve de Crecy & Ludovic Houplain made entirely of logo’s, depicts my view on subjectivity perfectly, not the story line but the setting, as in everything is a logo/brand.

Warning: May contain offensive language and stuff.

Altshuler,M. (2010). Logorama. Retrieved from https://vimeo.com/10149605.

A tutorial with Jerry helped me to realise that my generation in particular is strongly influenced by brands.

-Apple vs. Samsung  -Nike vs. Adidas  -Dominoes vs. Pizza Hut  -Countdown vs. Pak’n’save  -Holden vs. Ford the list is endless.

This got me thinking, deeply. Not only do we brand items & objects but we unintentionally brand ourselves and other people. Although it is an easy way of identifying and understanding  it’s obviously a major flaw in our society (branding people).

Even though I hate thought of branding people, I will attempt to ‘brand myself’ to discover who I am without influence, if that’s even possible.


One thought on “Who are we without influence ?

  1. I really like this whole idea of brands and the video as you said setting wise is great too. I just like how they have brands on every single thing even brands that are unknown to us. I think we do judge people based on their phones and the brands that they own, whether the brand is very popular or the brand isn’t that popular at all. What a good way to describe yourself for this project.


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