Pattern Music

So in relation to my Pattern Universe Project I’ve been looking into music patterns. Not like sheet music patterns, but more visual patterns created by sound waves. This video by Nigel Standford is exactly what I what I was hoping I could create after finding out about Cymatic patterns.

I did a lot of research on Cymatic patterns, but still couldn’t understand all the scientific explanations as to how it works & then I found the following video and it all made sense (skip to 0:30).

Understanding Cymatics (a little more) has also helped me to understand Quaternion Julia Sets, which are like 3D fractals. Personally I think that if we could see sound waves in a solid 3D form they would be similar to these Quaternion Julia Sets (which are freeeaking amazing).

figure1 Quaternion_Julia_x=-0,75-0,14i_variant

Image 1. Retrieved from Image 2. Retrieved from,75-0,14i_variant.jpg

What really interest me in all of this research is how every pattern relates to other patterns in some way, and all things are made up of some type of pattern, soooo in away everything is connected/related… Or maybe I’m just tripping!


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