Logo Designing

Originally I wanted to continue using ‘Droopie’ as my brand name. But then my peers decided to create these really meaningful, well designed, flashy logos, sooooo I thought I better step my game up. Considering Droopie originated from Justin Bieber loving, 12 year-old me, it was definitely time for change.

The first step to my re-branding mission was to consider a few important questions; what are my core values? What do I stand for? What does my art stand for? Do I have an art philosophy?

I re-evaluated how I want people to perceive and experience my art and brand as a whole. My art is a reflection of me. I’m quiet, yet have a lot to say. I’m an artist, I’m still learning, I’m growing; on the inside and unfortunately on the outside, but most importantly I am Māori. My art will always, even without intention, incorporate Māori aspects.

After a lot of discussion on possible brand names, I decided on Waiwaiā, one of the many Māori words for beautiful. I played around with it and ended up with Y-Y-aah, which is just how I would teach an English tongue to say Waiwaiā, so essentially it means the same but is spelt differently.


I experimented with word marks, letter marks and various symbols- raindrops, circles, NihoTaniwha.

After many variations of the Niho Taniwha I realised although it was aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it was getting a bit to complex and was straying from the brand character. I want my logo to have a designer look but also want it to be simple enough for people to draw from memory.

The final design is an abstract form of the word Y-Y-aah. The colour I chose to keep simple, adding a little touch of blue for character. I chose the colour blue because it is symbolises ambition, versatility, determination, tranquility and freshness. The final logo is also a good representation of me as the Niho Taniwha symbolises family and family is my everything. In Te Ao Māori we always put family first, we even introduce our family-lineage before we do ourselves. The final design has character but its simplicity leaves room for my brand to grow and go down various different paths.



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