Logo Research

  1. How to create an effective logo:


As always its best to ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’. A simple logo design is easily recognisable, versatile and memorable.



A memorable logo is an effective one. To make it memorable it needs to be simple and appropriate. Interestingly the subject matter doesn’t actually have to be relevant for it to be memorable, just appropriate.



‘An effective logo should be timeless.’ (“What makes a good logo? | JUST™ creative,” 2009)

So ask yourself is this logo going to be effective in 40years time?



An effective logo will work even if it is resized, printed in black and white, printed horizontally or vertically.



Whilst your logo needs to be appropriate it doesn’t have to incorporate or mention the product.



  1. Logo types


Symbols or icons: are visual representations of a company, often of an abstract style.


Wordmarks: are ‘uniquely styled text logos that spell out the company or brand name’ (Waters, 2013).  They are usually seen as custom made fonts.


Letter marks: are solely typographic, often symbolling a company through its initials or the brands first letter.


Combination mark: This is a combination of both a wordmark and a symbol or icon. It allows the company the flexibility to use both the symbol and/or icon together or separately.


Emblems: are logos the enclose the company name within the design.



  1. Five Logo Trends 2016




The flat design is an ever growing trend. Why?

1.because it’s a simple and clean

2. Because it registers well with all browsing devices.




Handmade logos have slowly been gaining recognition in recent years because they portray a more honest and intimate feel. They’re also so cute.


Kinetic Logos


Kinectic logos are those that ‘change but remain the same’, as in multiple version of one logo are designed. Kinectic logos, also known as dynamic logos appeal to a wider range of people.


Negative Space


‘Negative space will continue to amaze. A design is something you see first, but then it speaks to you and you understand what it is saying. That is what makes a design work. If it is able to convey more than this, and the consumer is able to pick up on a deeper message, it becomes much more special. This is why negative space will continue to lure many to explore its strengths.’ (“2016 logo design trends & inspiration | JUST™ creative,” 2016)




Letter-stacking has been around for quite some time and will continue to be around for quite some time. It challenges people giving them a tiny sense of accomplishment without them even realising.





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