Website Research

When I was tasked the job of creating a website from scratch I thought it was going to be easy; pick a colour scheme, chuck on some photos here and there, add a header, write a few ‘stories’. NO SWEAT. Well I thought wrong! The possibilities are endless and my mind went crazy with ideas. So before I could make any decisions I researched other artist websites and the basic Do’s & Don’ts of web-design.


These simple rules helped me cull down my ideas, but still there were too many, so I quickly notated a few screenshots of web-designs that I did and didn’t like.

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After getting slightly side-tracked by so many amazing artist websites I narrowed down my favourites from which I would draw inspiration for my own website.


Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.06.49 pm

The website of Norwegian artist May-Linn Aaslie is just beautiful. The layout of the page is verily simple however, the little details, such as the arrow under the highlighted menu tab, keep it from being boring. The logo clearly indicates that she is a designer, because it’s well designed there is no need for too many other futures on the page. The simple monochrome and blue colour scheme creates a clean professional tone of voice. The blue colours tone also hints at her Norwegian background and add to the brand character.


James Turrell:

TurellThe homepage of James Turrells website is something special. Most appealing about this webpage is the moving image that plays automatically. The moving image changes in colour, whilst its background colour blends into the background colour of the webpage. The moving image added with a simple menu bar is stunningly intriguing and looks very professional. Another great detail is the change of background colour for other pages, it lightens up the feel and character of the website as a whole.




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