Potential Competitors… Dreams are free

Sara Hughes

A New Zealand artist who is highly regarded throughout Australasia and continues to grow international interest. She is most known for her pattern work, which is often candy coloured and highly geometrical as she creates optical illusion (“Artist profile,” 2016). Hughes works with a range of media covering graphic design, painting, installations and public art. Her work ‘draws on the tradition of hard edge abstraction, reinterpreting its mode and method through contemporary culture and image making’(“Artist profile,” 2016).
Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.12.44 pmWebsite critique: http://www.sarahughes.co.nz/paintings/#/harvest/

The simplicity of her website creates a nice clean, professional and elegant tone of voice. The design and functionality are quite basic, however are nicely navigable. Images of her work add colour to the site and because they are small and not ‘in your face’ they enhance the elegant character of the website. The subtle grey colour scheme allows for her work to stand out and be a focal point. One critique I would have for her site is to talk more to her work however, that is just my personal preference as student who would like to research her work.


Jose Digregorio

The work of Puerto Rican artist Jose Di Gregorio has always stood out to me. Gregorio creates vibrant colourful works, often utilising galaxy patterns. His recent works have been described as new-futurism: which focuses on merging new media with traditional methods (Ruyak, 2015). He uses a lot of metallic colours which are aesthetically pleasing. Gregorio describes his own work as a mix of geometric patterns, celestial landscape and colour gradients (Ruyak, 2015).

Website critique: http://josedigregorio.com/links.html

His work is meticulous, vibrant, inventive and has a lot of energy, however his website lacks character and is almost too minimalistic. It does have a professional tone of voice however, the colour palate and theme don’t meet the energy of the work, leaving the work to stand alone. The menu bar doesn’t have sub-menus meaning the viewer has to scroll through the page to then click on to the specific page they are looking for. Although I find it frustrating to navigate it is quite clever in the sense that the viewer is then looking through other work whilst searching for what they want.


Eduardo Kobra

Another stand out artist for me is Brazilian Muralist Eduardo Kobra. He utilises bright colours, layers and bold lines to create kaleidoscopic patterns throughout his work (Figuerola, N.) His combination of vintage photographs and kaleidoscope rainbow patterns is simply eye catching and gives the viewer a ‘sense of memory and nostalgia’(Kenoyer, 2012).

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.13.48 pm

Website Critique: http://eduardokobra.com/

His website resembles his work very well. His logo clearly show that he works with spray-paint and the browser fill is a little indication of his style of work. Although the website is in Eduardo’s native language it has a ‘translate’ option for all viewers. Like Digregorio, Eduardo’s menu doesn’t have sub-menus however, the layout that includes video, text and images makes for an interesting read, like an interesting newspaper.  Although some may not like the colour scheme, it brings the whole site together in a tone of voice that is very much Eduardos.



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Ruyak, B. (2015). The Art of Jose Di Gregorio. Retrieved 6 June 2016, from




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