Semi Permanent (Finally spelt it right!)

This trip had a lot of first for me, first time playing in the snow, first time at the Aotea Center, first time at not just Semi-Permanent, but any art conference and I was like a little kid in a candy store!

So Semi Permanent, where to start? There were so many inspirational speakers… and a few who allowed for time to catch up on some zzzzz. Although I didn’t enjoy all of the presentations I wrote notes on the ones I found most interesting, including ones I didn’t enjoy but still found interesting.

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1. Paul Stafford; Co Founder & CEO of Design studio.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 1.52.50 pm

Why I seriously enjoyed his presentation? It was funny, to the point, focused and relevant.  What I enjoyed most about it ? He talked about peoples reaction. The viewers reaction and how they don’t always react how you, as a designer, want them to. The feedback for the Airbnb logo that him an his team designed was not all positive, but they embraced it and ran with it so that it worked in their favour, turning a negative into something humorous and in tern creating talk and a buzz around the brand.


2. Dean Poole; Co Founder of Alt Group

What a character! Easily the funniest speaker of the whole event.

My notes from his presentation are frustratingly minimal but his presentation actually stuck with me so, no worries. Through out his presentation he talked to his work. His designs are clean and professional, a little silly and very humorous, this combination creates for a new inventive style. My favourite piece he showed was The Pop Marble Project.

Best_2016_POP_Marble_installations-1 Best_2016_POP_Marble_installations-2

The message that really stood to me from his presentation was that silly is good.  I read in an interview on the Idealog website he said “We have this philosophy of design by not knowing. We actually don’t know. We tell our clients we don’t actually have the answer. It’s the joy of finding out.” (Robert, Mack, Team, Dunn, & Idealog, 2010).


3. Cecelia Herbert: ‘The Google Lady’

She started off so good, stating that the future of business is Diversity and Inclusion. But theeeeen, things got a little sticky and basically her message came out wrong. Her take on diversity was to empower women, which is AWESOME, but in the process she was almost shaming men. Diversity is more than just gender but she focused more diversity in gender. There’s a whole lot more I could say and want to say, but I’ll just keep it there, at a calm state.


4. Maria Scileppi

Be resilient. Be Optimistic. You always make time for passion. A few things she said that stuck with me, not only did she say these things, but she showed it herself in her work. She showed and talked to a few of the incredible works she has done, such as the ‘friend a day project’ which she did for a whole year and 405 Nanometers



5. Studio The Green Eyl

Without a doubt my FAVOURITE presentation of Semi Permanent 2016. From the moment they started I was hooked.  If you’re like me and you love interactive art than you two would be hooked.

I’ve never seen work like theirs, it’s inventive, it’s fun, it’s inclusive, it’s usually large-scale, it’s refined, it covers both visual and design realms and it’s exactly where I want to be in the future. Most of the ideas sound CRAZY at first, but their execution is amazing. They’ve covered a huge range of mediums from illusions, projections, installations to community art and a whole lot more. To of my favourite pieces by them would have to be ‘the whispering table’ and ‘Appeel’. Seriously check them out


6. Bompass and Parr

Well of course I thought he was cool, he works not just with food, but with Jelly! Whaaaaat. Seriously who would’ve thought that of all things, working with Jelly could get you recognition around the world.

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