Web-design “Final”

It’s says final but it’s just the end of the beginning.

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Pre-loaders are awesome, they’re intriguing even if they’re annoying because people always want to know more; this is exactly why I decide to have a pre-loader page and keep it simple.

Home Page:

Is to the point, showcasing my work. The Y-Y-aah logo becomes a dominant feature on all of the pages from here on in (because repetition is memory).


The main aspect I wanted was for each image to link to other pages and images, which would then link to other pages and images, so forth and so on. The hope was to create a trapping effect like when you’re on Youtube just checking out that one new video, then find yourself watching ‘cats in Santa hats’ 3 hours later.

About Page:

Is quite basic, however I have framed everything within circles so that viewers starts to associate my brand with circles. The image of myself is a little transparent in order to tone down the bold colours of the image.. and maybe coz my face is ugly.

The work page:

Is just that, a work page, it doesn’t included prices because personally, as a viewer I hate seeing prices (probably because I can’t afford it, the student struggle is real!). I will include little more detail on each piece, but not too much as each piece will link to a more in-depth blog post.

Blog page:

Will have write ups on my work it will be a space for viewers to see how work is created and for clients to understand how much work and how many hours go in to creating a final piece.


Originally I had wanted a monochrome colour scheme with a touch blue (a little elegance) but felt it was dull. I added orange as it contrasts the blue nicely, the two colours complement each other.

The tone of voice:

Is approachable, professional and Māori. Although the website is quite a formal space my blog is a more informal space, it is where viewers will be able to interact with the brand.

Future: So many possibilities.

I would like to

  • Have a drop down menu, it will appear when the mouse hovers over the Y-Y-aah and if the viewer clicks on the logo.
  • Need to include links to other social media pages.
  • Create a font for the whole brand.
  • Have little animation transitions on menu bar and throughout the site…( little hologram).

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